Euro-matic UK Ltd

World leaders in hollow plastic playpen balls, croffles, cover/shade balls, self-filling balls and pool insulation balls

EURO-MATIC is one of the world’s most versatile plastic shade ball manufacturers. We have the largest range of balls for soft play areas, medical applications & industrial (croffles) purposes alongside cover & shade balls and airport deterrent balls to cover areas such as airports, waste-water treatments, lagoons, pools, insulation tanks and mines.

Our strength not only lies in continuous product improvements but the ability to lead the market with patented products in a variety of plastic materials, such as the self-filling ball and quality guarantees which puts us ahead of the competition. We pay special attention to the changes in market requirements and strive to lead and not follow with technical development.

We remain totally committed to the highest level of service while understanding the need to focus on the efficiency of production  to remain competitive and ensuring our success for the future.

For up to date examples on where our shade balls and airport deterrent balls have been used, please visit our BLOG page.

Company Values

Mission Statement

“World Leaders in Hollow Plastic Balls”



To be known as “World Leaders in Hollow Plastic Balls”

Our quality hollow plastic balls will protect, deliver sustainability and offer continuous years of quality use from a durable product, a simple but effective solution to many industries.