Cover/Shade Balls

A World Patent

Euro-matic have developed the Worlds first self-filling cover ball which solves the huge weight issue that its predecessor had by being half filled with water. This 2-piece assembly ingeniously has an sealed air chamber in one side of the ball whilst the other side is vented to allow water to enter when put on a pool to sink to half of its diameter. The perfect modern solution to cover huge open surfaces, tanks such as

  • Waste water
  • Biomass
  • Slurry lagoon
  • Dangerous materials
  • Heated or cooled open surface tanks
  • Airports’ ponds (camouflage)

Technical details

Black, UV stabilised High Density Polyethylene

Self-filling Ball Diameter
100 mm

Surface Coverage
Appr. 116 balls per m²

Life Expectancy
10 years in conventional environments


  • Cost effective – cheaper to transport compared to its predecessor, the water-filled BirdBall
  • Float on surface, covering 90% of the surface
  • Extra stability at wind speeds in excess of 147km/h, (48m/s)
  • Reduces penetration of UV rays
  • Reduction of liquid loss through evaporation by up to 90%
  • Allows movement of equipment through the liquid
  • An “install and forget” solution – virtually maintenance free
  • No running cost
  • Reusable
  • Spread automatically as the liquid levels rise and fall
  • Quick and simple to install