Ball Cleaning Machine


The most powerful, effective and mobile solution on the market

BBW2015 latest model updates

  • Chassis height increased from 100cm to 115cm for better ergonomics
  • Addition of safety cut-outs for both suction and wash units
  • Relocation of suction unit power socket to be less liable for damage
  • Overall weight reduction down to just now 60Kg
  • Elimination of tablets to more efficient liquid detergent
  • Addition of 12-month warranty following registration of unit

Benefits of a Ball Cleaning Machine:

  • Able to clean up to 15,000 balls per hour
  • Capable of bagging up to 50,000 balls per hour
  • Designed to fit through a standard doorway
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Built to Industrial standards for reliability and endurance
  • Unique ball sanitation system
  • Supplied with 5.0m hose, 25 netsacks, 2 towels and detergent
  • Standard brushes suitable for 75mm balls but 60mm or 80mm available