Pool Insulation Balls

Pond insulation balls are the perfect solution for heated swimming pools and fish ponds

With today’s ever-increasing energy costs, the winter months can be expensive to keep your fish healthy or your swimming pool functional. Euro-matic has developed a simple but highly effective pool insulation cover that is easy to install.

By pouring a layer of Euro-matic Pool Insulation Balls on to the water surface, the balls effortlessly mould to any shape and form a practical and attractive cover over 91% of the surface area allowing oxygenation and thus prevent stagnation.

For fish such as Koi Karp, pond insulation balls in the winter months will help retain the heat and ensure they remain active. Because the pool insulation balls move, the fish can be fed or viewed and fish that remain above 10°C will be active all year round so continue to grow and remain healthy. Anything below 4°C can be fatal. Our pond insulation balls are supplied in a translucent material so light will still pass though creating a well lit environment.

The frequent use of a pool cover throughout the year also significantly reduces evaporation by up to 65mm a month, especially in windy conditions. While every effort is taken during the construction of a pool to use the most efficient insulating materials, still up to 70% of its heat is lost from the surface open to atmosphere. A typical pool 6m x 10m heated to 25°C with an air temp of 18°C can lose 30,000 BTUs per hour.

Advantages of Pool Insulation Balls

  • Reduces energy costs by up to 75%
  • Simple to install and remove with zero maintenance
  • Attractive and enables light to still enter the pool
  • Enables water to breath (oxygenate) preventing stagnation
  • Enables fish to remain active, feed and grow all year
  • Eliminates unsightly winter structures
  • Reduction of evaporation by up to 90%
  • No chemical leeching by safe use of FDA approved plastics
  • Lowers Ice formation point by up to 50°F (10°C)

Low maintenance and easy to install

Building structures for ponds and swimming pools can also be time consuming, costly and unsightly. There is nothing simpler than pouring a bag of pool insulation balls on in the winter months and then simply scooping them off in the summer with a net and storing the bag until next winter in your garage. There is no comparison to the overall look of our our quality pool insulation balls versus other homemade options.

50mm LDPE Scrubberfill – low profile, oval, soft hollow ball perfect for small to medium areas, partially covered ponds and swimming pools.

100mm HDPE Self-Filling – partially submersible hollow ball for larger expanses of water able to withstand wind speeds over 100mph and freezing temperatures

We have these items in stock for delivery 2-3 days, to work out how many balls you may need, give us a call and we can happily do the sums.

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