Playpen Balls

Our Playpen Balls Come In A Range Of Sizes

EURO-MATIC supplies the widest range of playpen ball sizes in the market. Starting at the smaller 50mm and 60mm Therapy™ play pit balls are suitable for special needs children, providing them with excellent physical support while also giving more tactile and visual stimulation. The most common standard plastic play balls in diameter are the EURO+Plus™ 75mm, but we do also offer the EURO+Plus™ 80mm for bigger playpen ball pits and pools.

The most common sizes of play balls for ball pits are:

The most common playpen ball we sell, the 75mm EURO+Plus™, is available to order online, in multiples of 500.

Multi-Coloured Play Balls

What Are The Playpen Balls Made From?

The constituent materials that go into making playpen balls are all FDA approved. From the colourants through to the special mix of LD and LLD plastics (which includes a UV inhibitor), they are carefully chosen to ensure no degradation from UV sunlight and that they conform to stringent US and European flammability and toxicity legislation.

Our Guarantee To You

Because of our strict quality control and rigorous testing procedures, we are the only play pit ball supplier confident enough to offer a two-year guarantee against splitting or breaking in normal use. Of course you can expect them to last much, much longer.

Quality Plastic Play Balls

Our EURO+Plus™ Patented Technology (US Patent No. 5320887 and granted patents in Europe) produces playpen balls of unrivalled quality throughout the world. Despite this, during every production run and colour change we put samples through a tougher environment than any playpen ball will ever experience by compression testing to 50% of their diameter and this is done 20,000 times per test. The strength and durability of our EURO+Plus™ playpen balls are second to none and certified by TUV according to the Directive 2009/48/EC.

Can I Customise The Play Pit Balls?

All our play pit balls have the ability to be customised with your own logo to give that personal touch to your project or scheme. With very little investment you can have a unique design or motif on the outside of the ball to distinguish your product or for marketing purposes. We also offer a range of non standard colours and can colour match for events such as weddings/charity fundraising events/corporate events/themed playhouses and seasonal requirements.

How Many Playpen Balls Do I Need?

We can give you an accurate calculation for any area, but please find a rough guide to help you:

If you need any help in calculating your plastic play balls, please do get in touch with Euro-Matic on 0330 311 0003.