Self-Filling Balls

Technical Details

Black, UV stabilised High Density Polyethylene

Bird Ball Diameter:
100mm (4″)

Surface Coverage:
116 Bird Balls per m² (10 per ft²)

Nominal Weight:
40g (air filled), 240g (water filled)

The Perfect Solution to Camouflage Open Water Ponds at Airports from Waterfowl

What are they? A simple solution to deter birds from open water ponds: Gold Mines-Airports-Rain Water Collection Basins.

Waterfowl attracted to areas of open water put themselves and humans at risk. A floating layer of Euro-Matic Bird Ball™ successfully camouflages the liquid and birds fail to recognise the ponds.

Bird Balls® are 100mm diameter UV stabilised black hollow plastic balls, manufactured in High Density Polyethylene. The balls float on the surface of a liquid, automatically arranging themselves into a close packed formation to completely cover the liquid surface. For areas subject to high winds where normal balls can be blown from the waters’ surface, we can provide the balls each filled with 200ml of water and become stable by sitting lower in the water.

Euro-Matic Bird Balls are fully operational at Heathrow airport, London, UK.

Advantages of a Floating Ball Blanket:

  • Simple to install
  • Maintenance free
  • UV stabilised HDPE, with over ten years life expectancy
  • Accommodates
    • Floating platforms
    • Aerators
  • Balls rise and fall with changing liquid levels
  • Easily accommodates objects such as floating pump barges or aerators
  • Reduces sunlight penetration and algae formation
  • Maintains higher water temperature in winter
  • Balls unaffected by snow
  • Extra stability at wind speeds in excess of 147km/h, (48m/s)
  • Reduces water evaporation