Why should B2B partners choose Euro-Matic as their playpen ball supplier?

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Competition is fierce in almost all industries. Everyone wants people to buy from them and to win the purchasers. Softplay builders, operators, toy retailers, and wholesalers have a wide range of manufacturers to choose from.

Therefore, all purchasers have the same goal: to buy quality products that raise the standards of their services and offers. After all, parents are much more likely to return to a service provider or store if they provide their children with impeccable, durable, good-looking products.

However, it is not easy for companies to find a manufacturer that not only promises but also delivers quality.

At Euro-Matic, we do not make any compromises on quality when manufacturing playpen balls!

Here are five statements that are not just promises but commitments we deliver to you:

1. We provide premium quality!

B2B partners

2. Our products are durable!

B2B partners

We provide a two-year warranty for our balls. In the case of day-to-day use, the lifetime of our balls is significantly longer than the warranty period. Our products are generally replaced due to their appearance as their surface slowly loses its sheen.

3. Our balls are available in countless variations!

B2B partners
Euro-Matic playpen ball colour range

We manufacture balls in four different sizes:

  • 50mm
  • 60mm
  • 75mm
  • 80mm

Our most popular, the 75mm diameter ball, is an essential component for children’s soft play, bars and nightclubs, events and home ball pits. We recommend 60mm balls for younger generations (0-7 years), and 80mm balls are an ideal choice for any age group. 50mm balls, the smallest, are most often used for developmental games and therapies – due to their small size, children under the age of 1 can grasp them easier.

The balls are available immediately from our warehouse in over 20 different colours and thematic mixes. We are continuously expanding our range of colours in line with customer demand – we even offer the possibility of ordering unique colours.

In addition, our manufacturing process allows us to customize our balls by applying an inscription, logo, graphic, or image on the surface of the ball

4. We use raw materials of food-grade quality!

When selecting raw materials, we always ensure that they meet the health and safety requirements applicable to toys. Accordingly, the LDPE (Low-density polyethene) we use is certified for use in the food industry. Our balls are BPA, Phthalate, and PVC-free!

5. We are unbeatable when it comes to our price-to-value ratio!

As to the price-to-value ratio, our products are the best on the market. We pay special attention to setting competitive prices to ensure that our company and purchasers get a good deal!

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