Water-filled shade balls and their many uses

Euro-Matic Ball Uses

Euro-Matic Shade balls, also known as cover balls or bird balls, are a simple unique product with multiple uses!

Well known for huge reservoir projects across the world, but what else can these black balls filled with water do?

So where can these be used?

Water filled shade balls
  • Reservoirs
  • Water treatment plants
  • emergency water supplies
  • food and agriculture production
  • wastewater management
  • water near any airports ( natural or manmade infrastructure to prevent birdstrike)
  • mining and excavation industries such as gold mines

What do the balls actually do?

  • Prevent evaporation of liquids by up to 90% – great for water conservation!
  • Prevent excess smells from wastewater or agriculture
  • Reduce algae formation and therefore reduce chemical usage needed or manual  cleaning regimes
  • Deter birds away from open water without causing harm to the natural environment
  • Insulate the water

How long do they last and how easy are they to apply?

Balls poured onto reservoir

As they have a UV additive, they don’t degrade, and they will last at least 30 years in place, with the water-filled system enabling them to sit in the water and not be affected by winds. Super simple to install in either big bulk bags or a lorry pouring them on, no maintenance is required.

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