♻️Sustainable Success: Winning the Green Game & Best Fish Product Award!🐟

This summer we had the amazing opportunity of winning two awards: the best pet product award and for sustainability in the West Midlands!

Established in 2016 as a husband-and-wife team, we are a small business in Staffordshire and have worked hard to demonstrate how our simplistic products can be applied to save the environment. An educational study was completed to validate this. Our products are Playpen balls for the leisure, hospitality and events sector, balls used as valves in vacuums, Croffles for manufacturing to prevent chemical and heat loss, shade balls applied to open water to decrease evaporation and chemical additives needed on drinking water because they reduce the production of algae whilst enabling wildlife to thrive in the water authorities. Balls are also supplied to airports to prevent Bird strikes by deterring birds from open water near flight paths and used in fish ponds and swimming pools to save heat loss and expensive heating bills.

Shade balls

Shade balls cover 91% of the water surface of reservoirs/lagoons/ponds and wastewater treatment plants, preserving a natural ecosystem for wildlife. By preventing the accumulation of algae and duckweed, these balls eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and labour-intensive cleaning processes. Moreover, they curtail evaporation by 90%, making them particularly valuable as our water resources are scarce. Evaporation reduction would mean continuity of supply and no need for seasonal panic. With a UV additive ensuring durability, the balls boast a lifespan exceeding 30 years, firmly establishing them as a sustainable, long-term solution.

The effectiveness of preventing harmful pollutants from entering water systems has been exemplified through successful collaborations with UK water authorities. The balls also camouflage open water surrounding airports to prevent bird strikes. In 2021, £102 million in fines were handed to water authorities for failing to protect water supplies. By rolling our balls out to reservoirs to conserve naturally clean water, each water site will produce cleaner rivers and have less of a manual process to recycle water. We will be able to address a national and global problem.

Pool insulation balls and Croffles

Beyond their use in water systems, floating cover balls offer energy-saving benefits for domestic applications. A massive amount of wasted energy through heat loss comes from garden ponds, hot tubs and swimming pools. Applying the balls saves 75% of heating costs. The pond will be kept at a stable temperature and enable the fish to feed safely in the colder months. We offer viable low-cost solutions that have a payback for consumers within less than 12 months.

Businesses that use heated or chemical tanks can create a safer and healthier working environment by using Croffle balls. They are a long-term solution and minimise energy consumption by reducing 90% of evaporation. They also prevent toxic gases from entering the atmosphere, polluting the environment, and dangerous chemicals from splashing workers. Businesses will save 75% on energy costs and increase the life expectancy of building structures by reducing corrosive vapours. We aim to improve air quality and reduce harmful chemicals reaching the atmosphere with our Croffles. These balls will better the health and safety of people working with open surface tanks and nearby communities.

Our goals for the future

Our goal is to positively impact the environment, ensure good health and well-being for human life and fight climate change. Why balls? They are an easy product that can have massive positive effects. They are quick to install as they pour on liquids and automatically spread themselves out, creating a flexible cover.  With all of our advertising, we guarantee our products will last for many years, with long-term confidence in the quality. Each type of ball is used for a different reason. For example, to reduce chemical loss, preserve reservoirs, keep fish ponds warm, etc. However, they all have the same
functionalities to prevent evaporation and reduce harmful substances/chemicals from entering or leaving the liquid. The material or size of the balls may be adapted slightly to suit the purpose they are used for. 

Sustainability objectives are embedded throughout the organisation by implementing eco-friendly practices, such as using energy-efficient equipment on chemical/heated tanks. These objectives include prioritising resource conservation and reducing water consumption, two of our ball’s purposes. Waste reduction is also prioritised by managing it responsibly whilst sourcing sustainable materials. During production of the balls, all leftover materials are reused and recycled, leaving no waste. We promote recycling programs to customers, especially in the hospitality industry, to ensure the balls are not thrown away after they have finished with them and ensure they are recycled. Across domestic markets, we hope to educate people not to use single-use plastic. Playpen balls should not be crushed or burst after one use. We hope to encourage customers to invest in quality products that last years. Euro-Matic strives to keep its environmental impact to a minimum with maximised freight consolidation and only shipping full loads.

Encourage other businesses to be environmentally friendly.

Sustainable products are at the core of everything we do. We do not have a business if we sell single-use plastic. Euro-Matic is built around products that last for decades. However, plastic manufacturing and distribution can come under scrutiny. With the publicised issues of plastic in the environment, it is vital to educate consumers that single-use plastic is unnecessary. People must see the benefit of a plastic product produced with long-term viability. Sustainable products equal happy customers. We work with industry experts to demonstrate how to maintain our products to ensure viable cleaning, preservation and product support. So, we offer ball-cleaning machines, free advice on cleaning, free nets for local pond owners to clean their balls, and educational videos and leaflets. 

award for sustainable success

This Years Successes

In March, we were super excited to be awarded the Federation of Small Businesses Sustainability award in the West Midlands and to be a finalist for the sustainability award for the whole of the UK!! It’s been a brilliant journey helping the environment and raising awareness about sustainable ways for businesses to save energy and money and try to maintain water. Thank you to the Federation of Small Businesses – FSB for the award and opportunity, and well done to all the winners of the finals. It was great to hear so many inspirational stories and meet so many incredible people!

In June, we also received an award for having the best pet fish product in the UK!! We are grateful that our products are getting the recognition! We saw the other shortlists, and the competition was not easy… Not only that, but we were a finalist in the Staffordshire Chambers Business Awards for the Sustainability and Environment award! Once again, a fantastic experience! 

We are still absolutely over the moon to have achieved these! These awards give us a chance to increase brand awareness and spread the word about what we do and how we can help the environment, prevent climate change and reduce the effects of climate change.

Create a greener environment!

Euro-Matic UK Ltd’s ambition is to make transformational change within the UK’s drinking water and wastewater systems. We want to ensure during the summer dry spells, countries do not have to struggle as much for water and that we have clean drinking water in our systems. We aim to educate and drive the usage of our products across all open water areas in the UK, conserving water for the future for many generations without the need for excessive chemicals or pollutants. The long-term outcome of Croffles will be that businesses will have fewer accidents from chemicals and boiling water splashing. In addition, there will be an increase in the air quality surrounding the area, decreasing pollution.

Together, we want to create a healthier, happier and safer environment.

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