Rasmus Strange Thue and his Art Installation Tidal Sun

Tidal Sun art installation

Artist:Rasmus Strange Thue

Title: Tidal Sun

Site: Vejle Fjord, Denmark

Tidal Sun created by Rasmus Strange Thue consists of 1000 self-filling cover balls floating on the inlet of Vejle, Denmark.  The figures of the balls change shape as nature affects the area around Vejle. The tide exposes underlying balls which collide and move with the figures and create different shapes with the floating cover balls. Winds and currents also affect the figures as it becomes a figure of the natural forces at this specific spot.

Euro-Matic cover balls have all sorts of uses, but this recent application displays the beauty of demonstrating the natural force of water movements. As the currents move or the winds create movement, shapes and figures such as angels appear.

What we find fascinating about this art installation is that every time you view it, people will see something individual at that moment in time.

Rasmus Strange Thue

Usually, shade balls are used to cover huge open surfaces such as; Wastewater, Biomass, Slurry lagoons, and airports’ ponds (camouflage). Their purpose is to reduce liquid loss through evaporation, plus a reduction of odours by up to 90%. They also lower ice formation by 10°C and decrease algae growth by blocking out sunlight. Once the balls have settled onto the liquid they interlock forming a flexible blanket which moves to accommodate differing water levels. These balls are UV stabilised and have a life expectancy of 10 years!

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