Precision Engineering Solutions

Published on 8 March, 2018 at 4:33 pm

Precision Products Ltd are long established as specialists in piston ring manufacturer for niche markets such as large industrial machines and marine vessels. In fact they do the worlds largest piston rings at a whopping 980mm diameter which go into ocean liners engines delivering over 240,000 BHP

Part of their process requires them to hard chrome plate the rings in order to achieve a hard wearing surface. The chemicals used are highly corrosive and need to be kept to temperatures in excess of 55 degrees Centrigrade.

They have vast tanks of various sizes dependent on part size that needs treatment which without the application of Euro-Matic  Croffles would cause excess vapour escaping in to the work environment which is harmful to health and can damage the inside of the factory.

The other huge benefit of a simple application of balls is the maintenance of the temperature on the tanks, significantly reducing energy consumption by up to 75% as a result of a insulating layer of balls.

As you can see all we needed to do was simply pour the balls straight onto the tanks and immediately they form a blanket getting to work straight away and allowing the chemicals, machine parts and dipping processes to continue unaffected.

PP balls are suitable for temperatures up to 118 degrees and many complex chemical compositions but we can offer HDPE and PVDF depending on the application

For more information on what may be suitable for your needs do get in touch.

Thanks to the guys at Precision Products for their hospitality and continued custom.