Plastics and the Environment

environment - Plastic used to make croffles

The issue of single-use plastics is becoming an ever-increasing daily concern for our environment. This is due to having well-documented evidence of the sheer amount of plastics clogging up our rivers and seas causing pollution, posing risks to our wildlife and contaminating our ecosystems. As a result, our environment is slowly deteriorating.

Whilst our governments discuss ways in which we can collaboratively tackle the widespread issue, it is reassuring to see steps taken to look for alternatives, ways to clear up the waste and to generally educate all of us to collectively own this huge problem. It is every individual’s responsibility.

At Euro-Matic, we rely on plastic. It’s a very effective material and there is no viable alternative for us to produce our balls in. However, it is important to us that our balls have an exceptional lifespan and do not fall into the “single-use” or “disposable” category.

How do we ensure our plastic use is responsible?

  • Our balls are made from the highest quality materials (relevant for the final application eg. chemicals tank, and children’s play areas). This ensures that we can offer guarantees on product lifespan. Euro-Matic reservoir bird balls typically last over 20 years and our playpen balls at least 10 years
  • Our factory doesn’t waste any material. Once we produce a specific ball and cut the balls from the mould, all the re-grinded material is reused and recycled back into the process
  • We liaise with each customer to understand their use of the balls, so we can provide them with the correct material and they can get the longest lifespan possible out of the balls
  • We offer support and assistance for cleaning solutions for balls, so customers continue to get use out of them
  • All our balls are recyclable

Why is plastic the best material for Euro-Matic?

  • Plastic has a long life span and it will not degrade
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Floats on water (bird balls and technical balls)
  • It can be malleable (Playpen Balls) and is safe
  • Acts as a good insulator and prevents evaporation

At Euro-Matic we are committed to continuous improvement and environmental factors remain at the top of our agenda. Using recycled plastic is not an option when producing balls, as the mechanical properties would reduce lifespan and become brittle. However, we are continually looking at what is available within the supply chain to see if this situation improves.

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