Birds causing a problem at your airport? We have it sorted

The Age-Old Problem

Well it continues, birds and planes do not mix! Not only do they pose a threat to the integrity of the aircraft, but birdstrike damage can also be deadly and costly all around. The 9 standards set concerning bird strike prevention (IBSC standards) require airports to take reasonable measures to understand the risk and prevent them from happening.

15 years ago…

Euro-Matic installed Water Filled balls at Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. The floating cover was installed on an area of open water that was in the flight path.

birds causing problems at airports


Bird Balls automatically gather together on the surface area of water to form a layer of floating deterrents. As a result, this stops birds from being attracted to the open water by camouflaging the surface. Also, by producing them in black, they absorb sun rays and prevent any reflection or confusion for pilots. Certainly, a great option all around. It’s also well documented that there is an increase in bird fowl with the additional environmental protection orders on natural habitats. Statistics show the populations of birds, especially migrating species, are increasing.

Good for them

One of the many questions we get asked is how often these balls need replacing. Meanwhile, we checked into Heathrow, our oldest Airport installation to see if they needed replacing. To which they responded, “They are no problem”. So, 15 years on and Euro-Matic will not be replacing any existing customers’ balls any time soon! We have also recently finalised our most recent Airport Installation at Kärnten, Klagenfurt.

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