Euro-Matic – awarded “Best Playpen Ball Manufacturer 2020”

Business Excellence Awards

Acquisition International announced the winners of the ‘2020 Business Excellence Awards’ and Euro-Matic UK win again!

Euro-Matic established in 1965 is proud to be awarded the Business Excellence Award 2020 for the Best Plastic SoftPlay Balls Manufacturer.

Our Commercial Director and Business Owner Helena King said, “Quality and service are at the heart of what we do. With continuous product improvement, a two-year guarantee and them being manufactured to strict TUV standards with batch compression testing. Customers come back to us year after year to top up, refresh colour schemes or when they expand. We are keen to support the leisure industry with a product that will stand the test of time. A solid long-term investment. Receiving this award is a wonderful testament to the hard work of the entire Euro-Matic Group.”

Acquisition International’s stance shows there are still causes for celebration to be found in every industry and sector. Even though, it has been certainly a challenging time for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Indeed, even now, we endeavour to recognise those that are and have been doing incredible things. After all, success can be found anywhere, whether you are a large international conglomerate or a single-person firm. That was the goal of the Business Excellence Awards when they were launched over half a decade ago: to shine a spotlight on some of the quiet achievements of entrepreneurs, managers, owners and founders around the world.

Awards Coordinator Steve Simpson took a moment to discuss the success of the winners: “Now in its sixth year, the Business Excellence Awards are the cornerstone of Acquisition International’s annual celebratory programmes. Once again, it has been an absolute pleasure to speak to you all and find out how you continue to innovate and create in your respective industries.”

An award for every year!

This award adds further to the list of the awards Euro-Matic UK’ Ltd have been granted in recent years

  • 2020 Best Plastic Soft Play Balls Manufacturer (Business Excellence Awards)
  • 2019 Best European Playpen Balls Supplier and Manufacturer (Family & Visitor Attractions)
  • 2018 Best Ball Manufacturer (GHP -Global Health and Pharma Magazine)
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