BBW2020 Ball Cleaning Machine Starts To Fly

BBW2020 Playpen Ball Cleaning Machine

The ongoing Covid-19 global pandemic has changed the world as we know it as we collectively fight the invisible virus. What we do know is that consumer spending priorities and habits have altered and there is an even greater focus on cleanliness for clients using play areas. We all want to see the businesses get back on their feet and for play areas, events and leisure facilities to be able to trade safely.  Luckily at Euro-Matic, the best Ball Cleaning machine on the market has started to fly off the shelves ready for when businesses can get back on their feet and become part of their ongoing necessary cleaning and maintenance regimes.

BBW2020 Ball Cleaner. The most powerful, effective and mobile solution on the market.

Annexe D of BS 8409 is the British Standard Code of practice for Indoor Play Areas, and together with RoSPA, they recommend regular cleaning of playpen balls. Thanks to the Ball pool BBW2020 system, it provides the fastest and most efficient solution on the market today. In fact research by the faculty of Chemistry, Environment and Technics of IJselland University has concluded that using the Van Veen design, the balls benefit a reduction of 75% of bacteria without even using any cleanser or disinfecting fluid.

The BBW2020 latest model updates:

  • Chassis increased from 100cm to 115cm for better ergonomics
  • Improved safety cut-outs for both suction and wash units
  • Relocation of suction unit power socket for less liable damage
  • Addition of protection bumper to protect from damage
  • Overall weight reduction down to just now 60Kg
  • Elimination of tablets to more efficient liquid detergent
  • Addition of a 12-month warranty with the registration of the unit

This state-of-the-art machine has evolved over 25 years since its launch in 1994 and has been purpose-built to address the problems involved in cleaning children’s ball pools.
The BBW2020 sanitisation system is a powerful, effective and mobile solution suitable for any size of the play area, large or small.


  • Able to clean up to 15,000 balls per hour
  • Capable of bagging up to 50,000 balls per hour
  • Designed to fit through a standard doorway
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Built to Industrial standards for better reliability and endurance
  • Unique ball sanitisation system
  • Supplied with a 5.0m hose, 25 net sacks, 2 towels and detergent
  • Standard brushes suitable for 75-80mm balls

Technical details

BBW-2020 Ball Cleaner:
Height 130cm x Width 65cm x Length 115cm x 60Kg
Wash Unit – BWU 6/8:
AC 220-240V 50/60Hz, 1Ph, 0.25 kW / 2,800 RPM / IP 55
Suction Unit – BZU 6/8:
AC 220-240V 50/60Hz, 1Ph, 1.5 kW / 2,850 RPM / IP 44

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