Aluminium Bending Process – Croffle Cover Balls saving cash for factory

Surface balls covering a tank

Cover Balls saving some serious £’s

In 2011 Euro-Matic supplied cover balls, also known as Croffles, to our friends at ABS to help them save money. They are an aluminium bending factory plant which makes window frames and other supports for the building trade. With a large deep tank needed to bend aluminium heated to 98°C, it is a costly job keeping such a large tank at the correct temperature.

As required, our croffles have given a protective layer on top of the water, still enabling the water level movement. As a result, the balls have saved ABS money by preventing up to 90% of water loss.

How long do they last?

ABS needed to do some serious repairs to their tank and decided to give it a good cleanout. As you can see from the photo, the old balls are still functioning, despite having a layer of degreaser on them, causing a few of them to sink. So, after at least 6 years, we supplied them with a lovely set of new 50 mm PP clear cover balls on next-day delivery. This was just in time for their tank to be refilled and functioning again.

What are the other uses as well as to save money?

So for ABS, the primary reason for using the balls is to prevent heat loss and save money on heating bills. Another benefit is the reduction of escaped steam into the factory, which causes corrosion to the roof and surrounding areas.

Where chemicals are used, toxic gases can be prevented by applying balls onto any water or liquid tank. This creates a generally nicer working environment in factory processing plants.

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